I want to retire from teaching, but my wife won’t hear of it.

From The Guardian’s ‘Dear Jeremy’ problem page. I’m torn between doing more enjoyable projects outside education and family responsibilities – what should I do?

After 30 years in the teaching profession I am finding the job (and the ever-increasing workload and responsibility) beginning to affect my family life, health and general wellbeing.

I have a son at university and a daughter in secondary school, and the plan was to go on until 62 (three years’ time). An opportunity has arisen to work on a number of projects outside education and I know I would enjoy these despite the poor remuneration.

However, my wife wants me to continue teaching and, after I retire, to do teaching supply or agency work.

I feel torn between my financial responsibilities to my family and the need to get involved in something that doesn’t occupy all my waking moments (including the sleepless nights). Do you and your readers have any suggestions?

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  1. kate

    What job does your wife do? Does she understand the pressures of teaching?

    You are lucky to still be in teaching so many over 50s are being hounded out of their teaching jobs Thie places filled with unqualified staff trained on the job. They are way cheaper.

    Teaching has changed so much over the last 5 years you are saint to still be in it.

    When I first started teaching the teacher in the next class retired at 60. She was dead within months – teaching is a stressful job and takes it toil.

    You can manage on less money – you will find a way.
    Good Luck!

  2. Alan Jones

    I think you need to discuss it in depth with your wife! If you can survive on less money that’s the way to go ….on the other hand you may not ‘survive’ in a number of ways if you continue in a path you are clearly unhappy with! Good Luck!

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