Hundreds of parents wrongly told children had gone missing from school

The Telegraph is reporting that hundreds of parents were left panicking after a school wrongly reported all their children missing via text message…

The mothers and fathers received a text message saying their children had not arrived for the day.

However, when they called Wadebridge School, in Cornwall, they were told the message was sent in error because of a glitch with their truancy system.

One grandmother said her daughter, who has a child at the secondary school, had been “frightened to death” by the text.

She said: “She went haring to the school. She thought something had happened to my grandchild. She’s still in a state of shock now.”

Head teacher Tina Yardley apologised to parents who received the message.

She said the school uses electronic alerts if a child fails to arrive, but was “completely unaware” of the error until messages started to arrive…

“As soon as we were aware that something was wrong we sent another message as soon as we could to inform parents that there was a computer error and to try and alleviate any worry,” Ms Yardley said.

“We do realise and understand the anxiety and worry that this message caused some parents but as you can see it was not something that we had control of, but we will do everything we possibly can to make sure it doesn’t happen again…”

More at: Hundreds of parents wrongly told children had gone missing from school


Sounds like the school dealt with the matter pretty reasonably as soon as they were aware of it. Anything you would add? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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    SchoolsImprove Technology is great until it goes wrong. I think that would be enough to scare the life out of any parent. #scarymoments

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