Horrendous meltdowns: Why I home-educate my daughter

The BBC reports that Lorna Lynch is one of a growing number of parents home-educating a child with special needs. In the last five years, their numbers have grown by 57% across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Almost a thousand children with recognised needs are waiting for a school place.

For the past year, 11-year-old Emily has been educated at home, with extra educational activities arranged by her mother Lorna. Emily has been diagnosed with autism and ADHD, and is now on medication to manage anxiety.

Home-schooling was a decision Lorna Lynch reached reluctantly after her daughter struggled to understand both lessons and other children’s behaviour.

“I couldn’t cope with her going to school and then coming back with her so stressed out, so angry at me.”

Emily found school confusing and overwhelming. “I want to learn things that I’m interested in – but it’s like I can’t learn anything because I don’t know how and they don’t tell me how.”

Across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 106 councils were able to provide information stretching back five years. It revealed a 57% increase in children with a statement, or equivalent, being educated at home.

Dr Adam Boddison, the chief executive of the special needs charity Nasen, said schools are finding it hard to remain inclusive because of performance measures and pressure on their budgets.

“If word gets round that a school is meeting needs, it becomes a magnet. The school is overwhelmed, they can’t meet the needs.”

In England, where the increase in home education is highest, at 64% over the last five years, the government said it is creating more places at special schools, and is spending £222m over four years on reforms of special educational needs and disability support.

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