Hinds: Labour plan to end academies is ‘control freakery’

Education secretary Damian Hinds will launch a defence of free schools and academies in a speech to academies chiefs today. Tes reports.

Speaking at the launch of the Confederation of School Trusts at the British Library in London this morning, Mr Hinds will say that free schools and academies have led to more than half a million children now studying in “good” or “outstanding” sponsored academies that were once typically under-performing schools

And he will condemn Labour plans to end academisation and scrap the free schools programme.

In an open letter to shadow education secretary Angela Rayner, Mr Hinds says his government has “extended the good work” started under Labour politicians such as Tony Blair and Andrew Adonis, and questions why the Labour Party now wants to distance themselves from them. 

The letter states that ending academisation and free schools “will create a lot of unnecessary worry for parents, students and staff.”

Last month, Ms Rayner said in her speech to the Labour Party conference that academies “neither improved standards nor empower staff or parents” and that Labour would allow academies to return to local authority control.”

But Mr Hinds will say in his speech today: “Angela Rayner may call it ‘local democratic control’. I call it not trusting schools. Why do Labour want to put politicians in charge of schools? It’s because they don’t trust headteachers.”

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  1. Simon Foster

    As a Governor I am not bothered what legal status my school is, Academy, State or Free School. Please stop using schools as political pawns and let us get on with educating children and provide the funding to do it properly.

    To my learned friend above……Not all Academy chains want to make a profit so please dont tar us all with the same brush!

  2. The education system should be changed in order to establish a better world.The education secretary took some effective measures for the improvement of the school education. The teachers could play n important role in developing the education.

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