Headteachers write to parents over school funding and job cuts

The Guardian is reporting that headteachers are writing to parents over school funding and job cuts. 

Headteachers are writing to parents highlighting the budget crisis facing their schools and warning that teachers’ jobs will be cut under the government’s school funding plans for England.

The letters, sent out to parents in the run-up to the budget on Wednesday, are part of an increasingly organised campaign against the revised national funding formula in which schools in London and other urban areas will lose out to rural and coastal towns.

Families are being urged to lobby their MPs, write to ministers and attend local meetings to fight the changes, which coincide with a growing crisis in overall education funding, with schools being asked to find savings of £3bn.

“Please realise doing nothing and changing nothing will mean a vastly reduced education system for all children and, I for one, am not prepared to let this happen on my watch without causing a serious fuss,” Helen Williamson, headteacher of Billingshurst primary school in West Sussex wrote.

London Councils, a bipartisan group representing 32 local authorities and the City of London, says the government’s new formula will cut budgets at 70% of schools in the capital at the same time as they are already enduring a funding freeze with increased costs for wages, pensions and inflation.

More at: Headteachers write to parents over school funding and job cuts

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  1. Donna

    My daughters school has done this in response to their predicted funding cuts, which is interesting as for several years our LA – Staffs has campaigned FOR the fairer funding reforms, as have most local MP’s and apparently ALL local secondary schools. Has the formulae delivered some unexpected surprises? Or, as only some of the local schools have been hit, perhaps that suggests other schools in the county have been underfunded? whilst hard for schools affected negatively – perhaps it is fairer?

    • Nicky4Kids

      I don’t think anybody disagrees that school funding has not been fairly distributed. The problem with the government’s plan is that all schools will still not be properly funded owing to the extra costs of 8% that schools have to bear, whilst either receiving 5% more funds, or losing 3% of funds.. Nobody is a winner. The government should properly fund all schools. Schools are now setting budgets for 2017/18, and many will make teachers and support staff redundant to cope with increased costs (before the NFF kicks in).

  2. Julie Cordiner

    Please think about responding to the High Needs funding consultation as well. This has as much potential to be disastrous for mainstream schools as the Schools National Funding Formula. For further information see my blog at https://schoolfinancialsuccess.com/send-funding-alert/
    It needs a big response from school leaders to draw attention to the inadequacy of funding to cover the costs of rising SEND.

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