Headteachers’ ‘Save school lunches’ petition gathers momentum.

The Cost Sector Catering website reports that a petition launched by a nationwide group of headteachers calling for support to keep universal infant free school meals has gathered over 1,000 signatures.

Tim Baker, headteacher at Charlton Manor Primary School, Greenwich in London, and lead petitioner, said: “As a headteacher I know first-hand how important free school lunches are and the damage taking them away will do, for example unlike school lunches, breakfasts have no minimum fruit and vegetable portions.

“This policy change will damage children’s health, well-being, attainment and academic results. Scrapping free school lunch for infants is simply bad decision making.

At the time of writing, the petition on Change.org requires 361 signatures to reach its 1,500 target before being delivered to the Prime Minister. To view the petition, click here.

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