Headteachers highlight continuing funding crisis in letter to parents

The Guardian reports that more than 4,000 schools are distributing the letter which aims to keep school funding at top of political agenda.

Headteachers struggling with funding cuts are sending out letters to a million families this week to highlight the continuing crisis in schools and to urge parents to lobby their MPs for more money to be put into education.

Campaigners are keen not to lose the momentum, hoping that the government has heeded their warnings and more money will be available. Meanwhile, Conservative manifesto pledges to scrap free school lunches for primary school children and introduce more grammar schools look likely to be diluted or dropped altogether.

In a recent survey of more than 750 heads, 45% said they were having to cut two or significantly more teaching posts from September; 92% said school funding was “inadequate” or “at crisis point” and 90% said recruitment was “difficult” or “extremely challenging”.

“The only way for our cash-starved schools to function effectively is for proper investment – capital/buildings and revenue – to be made into existing schools. The government must also avoid giving schools additional money through a new formula and then taking it back again through hidden costs and stealth taxes,” they write.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: “The core schools budget has been protected in real terms since 2010 and is set to rise from £41bn in 2017-18 to over £42bn in 2019-20 with increasing pupil numbers. But we recognise that schools are facing cost pressures and will continue to provide support to help them use their funding in cost-effective ways.”

Russell Hobby, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, said the general election result meant a majority of the public had not given the Conservative manifesto their approval.

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