Headteacher blasts ‘racist’ Boris Johnson for helping fuel school bullying crisis

A headteacher has blasted Boris JohnsonJeremy CorbynDonald Trump and Nigel Farage as “the worst political leaders we have ever seen” and partly to blame for a bullying crisis at his school. Huff Post reports.

Andy Byers, who leads Framwellgate School, Durham, has written to parents asking for help countering the “abhorrent and unpleasant views” of politicians, which he says are being “streamed into households daily”. 

Accusing the high-profile figures of espousing “many things that we are teaching students to be wrong”, he fears their comments about minorities may even be driving the victimisation of BAME and LGBT communities. 

He took aim at “racist” comments by Tory leadership frontrunner Johnson, as well as US president Trump for mocking a disabled journalist and boasting about sexual assault. He went on to criticise Corbyn’s chronic failure to deal with anti-Semitism in his party and Eurosceptics such as Farage for stoking up “hatred of immigrants to justify their Brexit ideals”. 

Adding “this is a difficult letter to write”, Byers begged parents for help countering racist and bigoted views, imploring them “not to shy away from talking about this with your child”. 

“It is an inescapable fact that students are exposed to some abhorrent and unpleasant views,” he said, adding that other school leaders had voiced similar concerns. 

“President Trump publicly mocked a disabled journalist and admitted (boasted about) sexual violence against a woman; our possible next prime minister has made Islamophobic remarks about the burka and, according to the news, racist comments about the French.”

Warning parents he would not hesitate to report students to police where he suspected a hate crime had been committed, Byers added: “If you are a parent who thinks I am overreacting or who finds the views or actions of Trump, Johnson, Corbyn or Farage in relation to minority groups acceptable, then I am concerned.”

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  1. I wonder if all this scapegoating tosh will wash with Ofsted? Oh look, only a year ago Ofsted said, in one of the better points in a judgement that overall produced Requires Improvement –

    “Pupils said that bullying is rare and is dealt with effectively by staff.”

    I wonder who holds responsibility for what seems to be a drastic deterioration.

  2. Anonymous

    Byers needs to name which views he considers ‘abhorrent’ and ‘unpleasant’; those are merely subjective terms used by him to describe views with which he disagrees.

    If Byers is concerned that parents think he is over-reacting, those parents should be even more concerned that a headteacher thinks he is the arbiter of what is allowed.

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