Headteacher banned from teaching after helping students cheat in their exams

The Daily Mail is reporting that a headteacher has been banned from teaching after ordering her staff to help students cheat in their exams. 

A headteacher who ordered her staff to help pupils cheat in their SAT exams has been banned from the profession. Alyson Smith, 53, told invigilators at the Phoenix Junior Academy in Chatham, Kent, to support children during exams and even provided youngsters with last minute answers.

She also pointed out mistakes on papers, the National College for Teaching and Leadership heard. Before the maths exam in May last year a colleague claimed Smith, who had completed exam training only three weeks before, told him to read it aloud as it was ‘too difficult.’ The colleague told the hearing that in doing so ‘pupils could be given more time to complete each question.’

Smith smuggled the finished papers into a locked office for her to mark and check potential results following the exams. Another teacher described seeing the headteacher marking the completed exams and that a ‘piece of paper had been placed over the window leading into the office.’

The hearing was told that Smith then tried to hide two exam papers in her desk because she considered their potential marks too low.

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  1. Suelizwill

    The pressure on schools , and in particularHeadteachers whose jobs are now also at risk, to produce higher and higher scores has become intensive. Although I do not condone this I do feel for the increasing numbers of heads that have been pressurised so much that they resort to these desperate actions. The curriculum and tests at primary level in England are not appropriate for primary school aged children. Why doesn’t the government listen to the professionals and if they must test, which I do not believe is the right way to assess young children, at least have an age and stage appropriate curriculum.

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