Head’s plan for further school improvements in Bracknell

The Bracknell news reports that the headteacher of a secondary school that has maintained its ‘satisfactory’ rating from Ofsted says he is “looking forward to the challenge of further improving the school”.

Paul Salter, head of the Brakenhale School, in Easthampstead, said a new School Improvement Plan would be launched in September to ensure teaching and learning was consistently good across the curriculum.

Also, a Sixth Form Learning Resource Centre is being developed over the summer to provide extra resources for the growing number of post-16 students.

Mr Salter said: “We were very pleased with the positive comments made by the Ofsted team with regard to students’ progress, particularly at GCSE.

It was particularly encouraging to note Ofsted’s comment that the school has a strong commitment to school improvement.

“The key issues identified in the report will provide an excellent basis for the school’s improvement in 2012-13 and we are looking forward to the challenge of further improving the school for the benefit of our students.”

The school was judged ‘satisfactory’ at its 2005 and 2009 inspections and again at its latest in June, which was completed with two days’ notice and the report published this month.

The inspectors graded the school ‘satisfactory’ overall and for each of the main inspection areas: achievement of pupils; quality of teaching; behaviour and safety of pupils, and leadership and management.

They wrote: “It is not yet good because the quality of teaching is uneven and achievement, although improving, is not yet good for all students or all subjects.”

The inspectors also found GCSE results are “improving rapidly”, which Mr Salter said was due to measures including evening and Saturday study sessions, and students’ rising aspirations.

The inspectors also said after some changeover in staff there was now more stability and a full complement of permanent teachers. Also, pupil numbers had increased to 1,000.

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