Heads ‘cut exam courses amid funding squeeze’

The BBC reports that head teachers say they are axing GCSE and A-level subjects, increasing class sizes and cutting support services as they struggle with school funding.

Some 95% of the 1,054 heads, deputies and senior teachers responding to the survey said they had cut back on support services – including equipment and materials, as well as mental health and special needs support.

Just under three-quarters of respondents with GCSE-level classes said they had cut courses and just over three-quarters of heads with A-level students said they had also reduced subjects.

Foreign modern languages, music, arts and drama were among subjects removed at A-level.

Interim general secretary, Malcolm Trobe, said: “School leaders will do their utmost to protect provision, as they always do, but they cannot provide everything that is asked of them without the resources they need.

“Unless the government invests more in the education system, there will be a significant impact on the lives and life chances of young people.”

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When will the government see the huge negative impact these cuts are having on our young people? Let us know what you think by commenting below or on Twitter ~ Mercedes

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