Heads can report Ofsted inspectors on new workload hotline

Ofsted is to launch a new hotline for headteachers to report inspectors who unnecessarily add to their school’s workload. Tes reports.

The new service will allow schools to flag up if and when the inspectorate fails to meet its commitments to ensure that it does not contribute to increased workload.

The plans have been revealed in the government’s new Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy, published today.

It says that Ofsted has committed to tackling teacher workload through its new inspection framework by:

  • Checking whether workload is unnecessarily high as part of its leadership and management judgement;
  • Looking unfavourably on schools that use burdensome data collection;
  • No longer looking at internal school data as part of its new inspections.   

Mr Hinds spoke out at an event in October last year after hearing from an academy leader that some inspectors “quite frankly do not get the plot” on reducing workload.

The new DfE strategy also says that no “arm of government” will ever ask schools for data tracking systems, specific evidence of lesson planning and marking or pupil targets and predictions.

Ofsted’s plans include a proposal to no longer look at schools’ internal data during inspection, as part of an attempt to cut down on unnecessary work for teachers.

It is also proposing to judge school leaders on how well they take into account the workload and wellbeing of their staff “in order to deliver a high-quality education, while also developing and strengthening the quality of the workforce”.

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