Heads calling for revolution in SEND support

Education health and care plans should be scrapped and replaced with a new system which looks at how available resources can be used to meet the needs of SEND pupils, according to a high profile group of head teachers. Tes reports.

The Heads Roundtable will suggest a “new statutory assessment of best provision system” which would “flip around” the EHC process by looking at what provision is the best option for a child rather than defining the child’s needs first.

Speaking at a Westminster Education Forum conference Sabrina Hobbs, who is the head of one of the country’s largest special schools said: “Within the school system the transition to EHC plans have been costly, bureaucratic  and time inefficient.

 “As a member of the Heads Roundtable we have identified and propose an alternative model to EHC plans.  One that replaces EHCPs with statutory assessment of best provision.

“This model focuses on how provision and resources can best meet pupils needs, rather than pupil needs dictating the resource and provision at any cost or availability.”

Read more about the model in the full article Heads calling for revolution in SEND support

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  1. Michael Ellinson

    Send parent, there is no need to alter this process rather than enforce accountability across education, health and social care. Rather than education challenging the SEND / EHCP process I believe education should be challenging schools who aren’t inclusive, off roll, disability discriminate, illegal exclusions and MAT’s that pay astronomical salaries in excess of £150 to £200k+. If education want the backing of parents to challenge government school funding cuts this isn’t the way to go about things. If anyone would like to talk this through further I’m more than happy to discuss along with my friends from SEND crisis, SEND action, special needs jungle along with my local parents and carers group. I do have plenty of evidence that these things have been going on and still are which Iam more than happy to discuss. Thank you

  2. Judith Wilson

    This sounds suspiciously like a cop out to me. As for the analogy to a meal, I think it’s more a case of, “Well, we’ve only got fish fingers…take it or leave it”. How can a teacher possibly provide what each individual child needs without thoroughly assessing those needs first? This is surely a retrograde step?

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