Headmaster suspended after pupil ‘allowed to sit GCSE before classmates – so he could go on holiday’

The Mail is reporting that a headmaster has been suspended after he allegedly allowed a GCSE pupil to sit a science exam the day before his classmates so he could go on a family holiday…

Officials are investigating Moreton School in Wolverhampton after it was claimed that students were cheating during their crucial exams.

Headteacher Carl Williams was temporarily removed from his post last week, and an acting deputy appointed for the remainder of the exam period.

Parents claimed that one boy was allowed to sit an exam an evening before other pupils, raising fears he could have tipped them off about the test’s contents.

Other students were allegedly allowed to take their tests outside school hours because of a scheduling clash.

One parent whose son is currently taking GCSEs at the school said: ‘Not only does he come home bragging about the cheating, but I overhear him laughing and joking about it with friends.

‘My son knows of three people who have attended out of school hours to sit exams that they would otherwise have missed.

‘One was a science paper where a student was allowed to sit it one evening before everyone else. He was going on holiday…’

The school’s governors said that they were investigating the exam allegations and vowed to ensure that pupils are not affected by Mr Williams’ suspension…

Some parents took to social media in support of the suspended headmaster – one said: ‘I have nothing but positives to say about this school…’

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We don’t know if the allegations here are true, but if they are, what do you think?

It doesn’t obviously look as the situations described are aiming specifically at boosting grades, but would such disregard for the rules ever acceptable?

Please give us your reactions in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. TW

    We don’t know if the allegations here are not true, but if they are not, inviting people to speculate as if they are true serves only to throw mud at the innocent.  Which is exactly why schools are correct to maintain confidentiality about allegations whenever possible.

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