Head warns parents who constantly praise daughters risk raising ‘little princesses’ who ‘can’t handle failure’

Parents are turning their daughters into ‘little princesses’ who can’t take criticism, the head teacher of a leading girls’ grammar school warned yesterday. This is from the Daily Mail… 

Nicole Chapman said some families treat daughters as if they ‘can do no wrong’ and constantly shower them with praise and presents.

As a result, many lack the ‘resilience’ to deal with failure or criticism, she said.

Mrs Chapman, who is head of one of the best selective schools in the country, spoke out ahead of a conference at her school in Chelmsford, Essex – attended by parents and other school leaders – about educating teenage girls.

‘What I try to address with my parents here is the concept of what we call the little princess, which is one where a child, once she’s satisfied her parents’ ambitions to get into the school, she can do no wrong,’ she said,

‘She’s constantly praised – and that is not necessarily a good thing.’

Mrs Chapman, who has a grown-up son, said that ‘the little princess’ always wants to please and gets ‘a lot of rewards’ for her troubles.

She said: ‘For some of them it’s just praise, but with others they can have more or less what they want.

‘Their parents shower them with presents.’

She said some parents ‘never exposed’ their daughters to any negative feedback.

This made girls into ‘perfectionists’ who would not take risks in case they failed.

Instead of excessive praise, she said, parents should ensure their daughters were ‘strong individuals’ who could cope with failure and grow up to be leaders.

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