Head teachers ‘will use new school pay system to reward friends’

The Coalition has come under pressure to ditch plans for performance-related pay in schools amid claims the reforms will be abused by head teachers. This is from the Telegraph…

Union leaders warned that the system – in which heads get complete freedom to pay good teachers higher salaries – will allow school leaders to “reward friends”.

It was also claimed that the move would result in staff being paid to be “subservient and compliant” rather than a reflection of outstanding teaching…

Mark Baker, ATL’s junior vice president, said: “There is no evidence that performance related pay works for a profession that has far higher ideals.

“There is no evidence that professionals work better with stagnant career prospects.

“There is no evidence that morale is maintained through cutting pay.”

Mr Baker claimed that that the move will “thwart teachers’ aspirations” and “offer leaders the opportunity to reward friends.”

“It’s not based upon real performance or any addition to a child’s learning but on subservience and compliance,” he added.

Under the changes, teachers are expected to receive annual appraisals that will be used to decide salary levels.

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has insisted that the move will give schools greater freedom over teachers’ pay, and help them recruit the best staff.

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