Head teacher banned for changing SATs answers

The BBC is reporting that a head teacher who changed answers on pupils’ SATs test has been banned from the profession…

Julie Beech, the head of Sunnyfields Primary School in Doncaster, was found to have amended one answer each from eight pupils in the 2014 Year 6 exams.

The school in South Yorkshire was under pressure to improve after an Ofsted report in 2013 found “too few pupils” did well at Key Stage 2.

Ms Beech, 51, can appeal against the ban in two years.

A National College for Teaching and Leadership panel found Ms Beech had a previously “unblemished” record and was respected by her colleagues at the 257-pupil school in Rose Crescent.

But her conduct amounted to “unacceptable professional conduct”, the panel said, and fell “significantly short” of the standards expected…

More at: Doncaster head teacher banned for changing SATs answers


Very sad and the head here was clearly under pressure, which is a significant issue in its own right, but cheating surely cannot ever be an acceptable answer?


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  1. emmadavies538

    SchoolsImprove I’m unsurprised people go to such desperate measures with the stress and pressure they’re under. Sad times

  2. acet2001

    SchoolsImprove Will the last state education teacher to leave their classroom please turn out the lights.

  3. cherrylkd

    rrunsworth SchoolsImprove Imagine doing that! She must have been on verge of breakdown. Very sad.

  4. cherrylkd

    richardalbery84 I’m just here to do my best for the children. I love my job and I’ll make it work whoever is Education Secretary.

  5. richardalbery84

    cherrylkd I fear for places like mine. I’ll continue to work hard etc but all we’ve seen is cutbacks for the last 5 years…

  6. cherrylkd

    richardalbery84 That’s really not good. See what happens. Plus no guarantee Labour would not have cut funds.

  7. richardalbery84

    cherrylkd of course. It’s the system as a whole to be fair…I don’t know where it goes now

  8. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I’ve said this before but she may regard herself as being a bit unlucky to have been caught. Ofsted pressure leads to this

  9. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I predict an increasing number of similar stories like this as DfE and Ofsted pressure really bites

  10. LearntSchool

    cherrylkd richardalbery84 A teacher once told my class how tempting it is to ‘fill in a gap’ on our tests. As a child I understood. Stress

  11. Nairb

    I used to be responsible for investigating issues like this. Sometimes it was easy … obvious alterations to answers. Sometimes it was a result of an allegation by a parent …. incidentally I never upheld any of these. But if the suspicion was raised by a SATs marker directly with the assessment authority then their investigations were often forensic … handwriting analysis, ink tests, indentations on pages below the suspected alteration. It went on and on.
    One thing that was never discussed … what stress from this ludicrous high stakes system results in teachers and headteachers risking their careers and reputations in order to move up the nonsensical league tables?

  12. markkatharris

    dryducks oh i am so tempted but ….at what point does a teacher or head think this is acceptable?

  13. dryducks

    markkatharris Give in to temptation! It’s not acceptable but we know it happens, like the lies told to cover other wrongdoing in schools.l

  14. markkatharris

    dryducks cheating & teaching are mutually exclusive constructs & the sooner we rid these goons from our schools the better, zero tolerance

  15. dryducks

    markkatharris Don’t know how my previous Head & Deputy can tell children not to cheat & lie, when they did it on OATH. Careers before truth

  16. markkatharris

    dryducks they lose their moral compass, then when exposed they panic & unable to retract they try to protect themselves with the outrageous

  17. markkatharris

    dryducks they lose their moral compass, then when exposed they panic & unable to retract they try to protect themselves with the outrageous

  18. extokyotyke

    SchoolsImprove There is a cartel of heads running education in Doncaster. Their career ambitions trump all else.

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