Head of ‘dysfunctional’ Muslim school accepts there are problems

According to the Times, the acting head teacher of a Muslim free school declared “dysfunctional” by inspectors today accepted that it has a “whole range of problems”…

A damning report by Ofsted on al-Madinah free school in Derby criticised governors for hiring teachers with no experience and failing to put basic systems in place to ensure that it operated well.

The school was described by inspectors as being “in chaos” and reliant on its temporary head to fend off collapse.

Speaking outside the school Stuart Wilson, the interim principal, said that it had already begun tackling major areas of concern.

He said: “Any school that faces special measures, as we clearly now do, has got its fair share of problems. I accept we have a whole range of problems.

“Some of those are things we can fix in the short term quite quickly. Some of them are longer-term in terms of the longer-term progress for students, teaching and learning etc.

“But we must not forget some positives in the report because we still have got 412 students here and their families, the relationships, the moral development, all positives in terms of the soft skills.

“Now we need to focus on getting the basic infrastructure in place and then working on teaching and learning.”…

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Any reasons why the head and governors won’t be able to turn the situation around if they take on board the Ofsted guidance? Please share in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. meolscop1978

    SchoolsImprove How much public money was given for the setting up of this school? Who will pay contracts/leases if it closes?

  2. rrunsworth

    SchoolsImprove Bcos they clearly don’t have skills required to do so. Cannot jeopardise kids education. DfE shld impose IEB & poss sponsor

  3. BigNicksWeeGate

    inwte SchoolsImprove A school that promotes one exclusive (& sinister) cult to the detriment of all others should be shut down.

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