Harassment: Girls ‘wear shorts under school skirts’

The BBC is reporting that girls are wearing shorts under their school skirts to avoid sexual harassment.

Experts told the Women and Equalities Committee that online pornography had led to increased acceptance of sexual violence and harassment towards women.

A “normalised culture of sexual harassment” in England’s schools meant girls were changing their behaviours, rather than boys being challenged.

Sophie Bennett, co-director of UK Feminista, told the committee: “We’ve heard from girls who tell us you don’t leave school as a girl without being called a slut, that to wear shorts under your skirt to prevent boys revealing your underwear in the playground is just normal behaviour.

“So there is that sense of a normalised culture of sexual harassment in schools where girls don’t feel able to report it and instead change their own behaviour such as wearing shorts under their skirts.”

In September 2015, a BBC News report based on freedom of information requests revealed there were 5,500 sexual offences recorded in UK schools between 2011 and 2014.

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Do girls at your school wear shorts under their skirts? What do you suggest can be done to prevent boys acting this way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on twitter. 

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  1. johnofsurrey

    SchoolsImprove UK_Feminista Absolute rubbish. Girls wear shorts so they can be less inhibited in their movements. Ask them. It’s modesty.

  2. thiskidsthinkin

    If the girls are wearing shorts under their skirts because of how boys act, then punish the boys! If they are wearing them for comfort, then give them the option of trousers. I feel like I’m reading a story every week where girls have either been told to change their behaviour, or have voluntarily changed their behaviour because of how boys act.

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