‘Half of would-be nursery staff to be blocked from entry because of grades’, report says

The Telegraph is reporting that providers have warned of a looming crisis as, they say, four in ten would-be nursery staff will be blocked from entry under new government rules…

Recent government changes stipulate new apprentices and highly-skilled childcare students must have at least a grade C in GSCE English and maths to take up employment at level 3, which is the better standard of early education children receive.

However, a new survey by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) has revealed 43 per cent of nurseries are unable to find apprentices as a result.

The figures emerged as parents and businesses expressed concerns of an over-emphasis on grades rather than on the level of care…

Purnima Tanuku, chief executive of the NDNA, told the Telegraph: “Nursery staff aren’t completely blocked from entering child care as they can still enter at level 2 but they won’t be able to enter level 3, which is at a manager’s level.

“There are not enough young people leaving school with GCSE English and maths at C grade level. Only 62 per cent of young people are leaving school with such grades. Even if all those come into the early years sector, because of the low pay they are not attracted to come into child care.

“But we have mature staff who are very experienced and very committed to looking after young children, don’t have those GCSEs and they can’t progress any further to manage a nursery or to be a team leader…”

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I’m not sure of the validity of the survey this 43% figure for nurseries struggling to recruit has come from as it appears to have been self-selecting from the overall membership, but do you agree with the central concern here: are the regulations going to result (albeit inadvertently) in a recruitment crisis in nurseries?

Please tell us your experiences and whether you think the grade C requirements in maths and English are a good thing or not, and why.


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  1. MadgeJesss

    SchoolsImprove Lets not forget the pay is dire even when you have qualified. Could have something to do with lack of qualified applicants.

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