Half of children are bullied with most abuse taking place at school, survey finds

The Telegraph is reporting a new study that suggests half of children have been bullied with most of the abuse taking place at school. 

A quarter of young people said they were picked on because of the way they look and 13 per cent think they were targeted because of their weight. 

The figures, revealed in a OnePoll survey, showed almost 49 per cent of children aged seven to 18 had been bullied with most of the abuse taking place in the playground, during break times and in the classroom. 

Six out of 10 children said they had seen other people being bullied at their school and 80 per cent of victims said it happened in front of other people. 

The news comes a month after British schoolchildren were reported to be unhappier than children in Ethiopia and Algeria because they are bullied, left out by their peers and under pressure to look good…

This week’s survey was commissioned to launch Good Morning Britain’s Action! Against Bullying campaign. 

The campaign is calling on schoolchildren to make a one minute anti-bullying film with the winner being shown in cinemas…

More at: Half of children are bullied with most abuse taking place at school, survey finds


I can’t find a link to the Action! Against Bullying campaign from Good Morning Britain – please add in the comments below if you find one.


Sadly bullying is always going to be with us in one form or another, but do you think schools are doing enough to tackle it?

if so, what kind of approaches are most likely to have an impact?

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Are schools doing enough to tackle bullying?


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  1. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove Its what I said. Schools inadvertently introduce bullying on Day 1 and spend five years trying to stop it. VT has the answer

  2. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove People spout forever on about bullying but few if any are willing to look at the best systems thinking answer…

  3. Nairb1

    While not wishing in any way to diminish the seriousness of bullying and its impact on individuals, I would have liked to have known the extent to which participants in the survey had an agreed definition. In my experience, confirmed by my daughter who is a headteacher, parents and children tend to define any aggression or name calling as ‘bullying’ even if it’s a one off incident.

  4. neilayates

    SchoolsImprove I wonder how many of these incidents are being reported as bullying by the school or put down to “banter” or other excuses?

  5. garrodt

    SchoolsImprove & they always will be,with an inept system run by very inept Headteachers.Denials & ‘Hand washing’ changes nothing.

  6. Nairb1

    Or how many of the reported incidents of bullying are actually banter or kids falling out. Parents in particular tend to have a very broad definition of bullying i.e. anything which upsets their child. This is actually a serious point as it can dilute the importance of genuine bullying which can be life changing or even life threatening for some children.

  7. cliff_margaret

    neilayates @SchoolsImproveSome reported a accident as in my grandsons in wheelchair. bully admits deliberate assault.Head/Govs.not punished

  8. dlinton78

    SchoolsImprove Most children are a subject of their culture and environment. Adults use violence to solve their problems #war #examples

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