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If you have an opinion or insight into schools and education you think would be valuable or interesting for our readers please contact us about writing a guest post…

We welcome original content that shares new ideas, offers insights or challenges what’s happening in schools at the moment. A guest post gives you the opportunity to share your thinking with thousands of other school improvers who read our site daily.

If you are writing on behalf of an organisation and wish to tell our readers about your product or service, please contact us about the option of a sponsored post. We would still expect this to be written to be of genuine interest and relevance to our readers, but appreciate that it will be focussing on your particular solutions. As such it will be marked as ‘sponsored’ but treated identically in every other way. We charge a modest fee for sponsored posts to help offset the site’s running costs.

Either way, if you are thinking of submitting a guest or sponsored post please consider the following general guidance:

  • We suggest around 1,000 words maximum
  • Please make it of genuine value/interest to our readers (people very interested in schools and making them better) and not just a blatant plug for a product or service
  • We will add a short introduction – please provide some basic biographical information or let us know how you would like to be described – please see the format used in other guest posts and suggest something similar that works for you (the article will need to be from a real person, named and clearly identified as having an interest)
  • Please avoid any formatting – articles are essentially just plain text (but some links are fine and we can add images if they are important to the narrative and you own the copyright)
  • Please feel free to send a profile photo for us to include in the article
  • Please clarify any contact, website and/or Twitter addresses you would like to be added
  • We recommend you are able to check the article on the day of publication to respond to questions, comments etc (any twitter reply to a Tweet containing a link to the article should appear automatically in the comments)
  • We reserve the right to reject articles, so please contact us before spending time writing something (and please let us know if you wish to see the edited version before we publish)
  • If your article (or a version of it) has been published previously, please let us know so we can link or refer to the original as appropriate

If you have any questions or would like to contact us about writing a guest post please email us using this form