Guest post: Watchsted – a new site for the latest intelligence on Ofsted inspections

A new website called Watchsted has been launched to give the latest information on Ofsted inspections across England. It has been created by Angel Solutions and in this guest post chief executive Andy Kent explains more about the site…

A brand new free public service called Watchsted is now live at

This tool currently provides the latest intelligence on Ofsted Inspections in schools and children’s centres across England.

Why was Watchsted created?

· To help provide data for researching school and children’s centre improvement and inspections

· To help provide some transparency and analysis of Ofsted and their providers

· To aid anyone looking to ensure that government policy regarding school inspection is on track

Phase 1 of the website includes a hot spot map of Ofsted Inspections, colour coded by inspection grade, with quick access to the Ofsted Report on the website.

Save time trawling through the inspection reports and use Watchsted to see where Ofsted are currently inspecting.

Further functionality will be added soon which will include:

· Local Authority Inspection analysis

· A Comparison of inspections in different Local Authorities

· Keyword Search within inspection report’s key findings or recommendations for improvement

· Additional Inspection Analysis for other Provider Types

All of the above will be based on the very latest intelligence, updated daily within Watchsted.

Watchsted was made by Angel Solutions, “the biggest little education company you’ve never heard of”.

We work with nearly every Local Authority in England and provide school improvement solutions to thousands of users across schools and children’s centres — even overseas!

Visit Watchsted here and follow on Twitter @watchsted

What do you make of this new site? Let us know in the comments or via twitter if you have any feedback for the team at Angel Solutions…

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  1. inspirechild

    SchoolsImprove A site to give insight into inspection data across the country. Interesting as the data base grows into regional differences

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