Guest post: Sport England’s announcement on launch of Primary School Sport Facilities Fund

John Ellery of Ellery Consulting has written to us before about fund-raising opportunities for schools and has shared this update based on an announcement from Sport England last week…

As we regularly work with schools to access grant funds in order to improve play and sports facilities we were intrigued to see the announcement from Sport England last week regarding the launch of the ‘Primary School Sport Facilities Fund’.

In recent years Sports England’s programmes and funding have prioritised, almost exclusively, work with young people and adults aged 14 and above. As this strategy has led to frustration from organisations that work with children under this age, including primary schools, this announcement and the size of the programme is an exciting and interesting development.

The Primary School Sport Facilities Fund will see £18 million of Lottery funding made available to improve primary school sports facilities in order to improve their PE and Sport offer to pupils. With the average grant anticipated to be £30,000 this will mean around 600 Primary Schools across England will benefit through this initiative in 2014.

At this stage there are limited details available about the fund but it is one that will be followed with real interest. Sport England currently state that the programme will support schools that can show they have little or no outdoor space which can currently be used for P.E. and sports sessions but have the capacity to improve this.

More information on the Fund will be available in February 2014 with applications open throughout February and March and decisions made in July 2014. Initial details can be found on the Sport England dedicated Primary School Sport Facilities Fund page and we will provide further information once the scheme is officially launched.

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