Guest post: Six weeks off: Starting to think about your return to school in September?

In the fifth of this summer holiday series of guest posts from Prospero Teaching they offer some top tips on easing back into the world of teaching after the summer break.

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The summer holidays are never long enough. By the time you’ve really relaxed, it’s only a few weeks before the new academic year starts and your return to school beckons. Going from the self-governed free time of the holidays to the demanding world of teaching can be a shock.

So, Prospero Teaching has some top tips for teachers returning to the workplace that will help you ease your way back into the world of preparation, good-time keeping, organisation and sheer hard work.

  • Revisit the school behaviour policy so that you make a confident start with your classroom management, and ensure that your practice is consistent for students and aligns with that of your colleagues.
  • Decide on three classroom expectations that support the school’s policy and set a clear, consistent tone in your classroom.  Can you invite your students to volunteer a fourth? Also, communicate these from the very beginning to help students settle; they’ll understand what you expect from them.
  • When you get your timetable, plan your own schedule around it. For example, earmark one of your weekly free periods for marking and do everything you can to stick to it – anything to limit the pile waiting for you at the end of the day! The sooner you build marking into a regular slot during your time at school, the more likely you are to stick to it and find you’re not taking marking home with you. Another benefit is you’ll get into a routine of passing on quality and timely feedback to your students.
  • Use any inset days to familiarise yourself with your classroom and think about what you’d like to display and where.
  • When you get your class list/s, check them and get to know your SEN data. Also use the opportunity to create seating plans so that classes can start efficiently from the very beginning of term.
  • Bring yourself up to date with the school’s safeguarding policy. Do you know who the designated safeguarding officer in the school is?
  • Make the most of the last bargains and discounts at the end of the sales season to fill out you work wardrobe.
  • Have a few ‘getting to know you’ games up your sleeve for breaking the ice; not just for you with them, but them with each other too.

Remember that a calm, organised mindset is essential to effective teaching and learning, and lays the right tone for students too, so anything you can do to get you to that place is good for everyone in the classroom.


Come back next week to read Prospero Teaching’s final blog in their summer holiday series called ‘Top tips for embedding literacy and numeracy across the curriculum’ as well as  tips on staying motivated in the classroom throughout the term…

Learn more about Prospero Teaching at their website or follow them on Twitter @Prospero_teach_. Still haven’t decided what to do in September? Have a look at the array of teaching jobs they offer 


How do you prepare for the new academic year? What are your top tips for readying yourself for the immersive experience that is the start of the autumn term? We’d love to hear them!


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    SchoolsImprove This is decent advice for all teachers but I’d suggest newer colleagues would certainly benefit

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    SchoolsImprove Prospero_Teach_ Yes. Been out of school for 12 months to spend time with my son. Now looking for SLT positions.

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