Guest Post: Gathering parental consents online can increase productivity in schools

I’d like to present some findings revealed through our eeZeeTrip project where we’ve seen economic productivity gains impacting on educational productivity in schools.

This is a sponsored guest post from eeZeeTrip.

The project started out with a simple request from a Head Teacher for a better way of gathering consent from parents for school trips. We’ve all experienced that endless paper chase of permission slips, letters stuffed in bags and last minute chasing of parents. A situation – if there ever was one – just ripe for productivity improvement !

So we built the eeZeeTrip platform and a free mobile App for parents to solve this problem.

The impact on school productivity and finances were immediate and had concomitant educational benefits. As the Head who approached us, Mr Llew Davies from Ysgol Cae Top in Bangor, Wales commented: “We’ve saved nearly 4000 pieces of paper and printing in just two months. That really adds up over the year, and we can use the money saved to better support pupils’ learning – as well as helping the environment, of course!”

Another benefit of streamlining administration of educational visits is that teachers have more time to prepare the pupils for what they would be learning on school trips. A lack of preparation in school is often cited by ‘learning outside the classroom’ providers as a factor which impacts on the educational outcomes of the visit.

EeZeeTrip was then enhanced to include online payments and and free messaging, allowing schools to transform how they organise all their activities. Not just educational visits but after school clubs; breakfast clubs; music lessons; sports fixtures, school dinners, PTA fundraisers, school plays – even end of year proms !

And with finance staff relieved of having to handle payments and spend hours reconciling banking they are free to focus on more productive, important strategy and school development tasks. When asked if they would recommend eeZeeTrip, the Finance Director of an Academy Trust said:

“I would ask them to find a reason not to use it – because I can’t see one! And as our new schools open, we’ll implement eeZeeTrip from the start.”

As well as the obvious cost savings (on printing, text messaging costs, staff time etc), schools are now able to offer more extra-curricular activities without additional administration overhead. And eeZeeTrip is proving to be particularly popular with parents as there’s no more having to root through school bags or retrieve letters that have fallen under the fridge .

As one parent summed up on Twitter: How cool is @eeZeeTrip !!! Fab app – great choice @StMartinsChest1 #multitasking #busy #OneLessThingToWorryAbout

To find out more about reducing costs and increasing efficiency at your school contact the team for a no-obligation online demo which takes just 15mins: / 0844 822 8442 / @eeZeeTrip

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  1. Parent Governor

    I don’t object to being sold at; I’m happy to hear about what may save costs or simply make jobs easier but I would prefer that adverts are identified as such. Actually I would prefer to see an unbiased product review.
    Also I don’t see myself as an idiot and an advert such as this really ought to demonstrate an understanding of financial reconciliation. It still needs to be done whether a payment come in cash, cheques, credit card or direct payment.
    For me what really marks this one as ‘direct to bin’ is the failure to acknowledge that the product has a cost. I’m sure you’ve done your market research, but please be open about costs, even if just using terms such as ‘cost effective’. Your website does show a simple costs structure although I’m not sure I welcome the description you give for different school sizes.

    • Hi, many thanks for your comment. I would have liked to have expanded on the relationship between ‘economic’ productivity gains in school and the concomitant ‘educational’ productivity (i.e. make more time and resources available for teaching and learning activities).

      Of course, the benefits of any well designed ICT system should always outweigh – by orders of magnitude – the actual ‘cost’ of the system.

      When we were approached by the school to build eeZeeTrip the cost savings were obvious (printing, paper, reducing text messaging costs, saving admin / teachers’ time) and now we’re seeing extra benefits where that particular school (and others) are able to generate income and provide greater choice of extra curricular activities.

      Where budgets are under so much pressure schools are looking to make savings and generate income wherever they can.

    • forgot to mention — cash and cheque payments are logged in eeZeeTrip as well and ‘offline’ parents are in no way excluded as all comms are formatted for printing.

  2. RecGuru

    Nice ad, but can we have some costs comparisons. Don’t treat the readers like we don’t know an ad when we see one. Because there are no costs shown or figures of any kind, ‘cost effective’ means nothing.
    Buying something for 5p less than usual is still cost effective!

    3/10 would not buy; more info needed.

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