Guest Post: Don’t keep your students in the dark.

We’re suddenly having an election in June. The French elections are in full swing. Paris has come under another terrorist attack and North Korea and the US are provoking each other daily. And Brexit still means Brexit.

This is a sponsored guest post from The Burnet News Club .

Hard news is coming so thick and fast at the moment, it is difficult to keep up. As a teacher, finding the time to catch up with current affairs yourself is hard, let alone reading enough to confidently teach your students about it.

That’s where we come in.

Young people need to know about the world around them; it affects them now and it’ll affect them in the future.

The Economist Educational Foundation runs The Burnet News Club, a network of schools across the UK covering current affairs issues in depth.

Help your students understand and influence the world they live in. Help them develop their critical thinking skills. Help them engage with current affairs using lesson plans, news content written by Economist journalists for the Burnet News Club and an online hub for your students to talk to others around the UK about their thoughts.

Since September, our 8-16 year olds have learnt about the US election, the conflict in Syria, the NHS and prison reform plus fake news and how it could impact democracy. What have your students discussed?

Personal feedback to students is essential to help them develop their critical thinking of an issue, something our club members say is really helpful. One student said the feedback “helped me dig deeper and spot my assumptions.”

It isn’t just students who know the club works. 100% of our teachers would recommend our training.  One school governor said: “I have been so impressed by the impact [the club] has had: the children have loved being part of it, their skills and aspirations have shot up.”  

Sarah Andrews, a teacher at Chiltern Way Academy, said: “What I enjoy the most is the chance to talk to the students and hear their ideas and thoughts about the sort of things we wouldn’t normally discuss. Also seeing our special needs students really develop some of the skills and then apply them in other contexts has been great.”  

Let your students learn about every side of a story and make their own decisions on who’s right or wrong.  

You will receive a full day of teacher training at the start of the year.  To sign up to the club for the next academic year, email Emily Evans on

You can see a sample of our content  at if you want an idea of what we create or check out the Burnet News Club to read posts and comments from our current students.  

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