Guest Post: CoreSciences – Making GCSE Science Practicals More Accessible to All.

GCSE “Required Practicals” now constitute a minimum of 15% (and in some cases as much as 35%) of all marks in every GCSE examination paper. However, this can be problematic because students do not usually have access to resources that enable them to practise outside the classroom and even in the classroom they usually only get “one shot at it”. In addition, schools and school teachers are expected to do more than ever before with increasingly limited resources.

CoreSciences was designed to alleviate this problem by providing unlimited access to ALL required practical routines both in and out of school without the need for physical equipment, and therefore no mess, accidents, health and safety issues, or set up time. All practicals are fully interactive and most importantly can be undertaken as many times as a student requires. This ensures proficiency with procedures, sequences, measurements and recording of results, giving students a much higher chance of successfully completing and understanding the practicals when they come to face them in the lab or when examined on them in their GCSEs.

Designed by teachers for teachers, CoreSciences is fully comprehensive and supportive. Lessons can be planned in advance or at short notice due to the accompanying theory modules, worksheets and other activities. No specialist knowledge is required in order to deliver a lesson because all materials and lesson plans are provided. This means that non-specialist and supply teachers are also catered for and can feel confident that their students are learning everything that they need to know.

The platform aims to be inclusive and accessible to everyone, which is why it can be particularly beneficial for students with learning difficulties or those with restricted access to learning facilities such as SEND students and homeschoolers. Additionally, parents are also included in the process. Parental engagement can be a challenge in education, but CoreSciences can send both teachers and parents real-time activity notifications that inform them of their students’ performance, including information on when tests are undertaken and completed, what topics were covered and how well the student performed.

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There are three main subscription types on offer for schools, tutors and parents. For more information please visit:

Additionally, you can see the platform in action by taking a look at our demonstration video: 

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