Guest post: an easy money saving telephone plan for schools

Schools Improvement reader Michael Hardy recently contacted us hoping to spread the word about a new telephone plan for schools that he has developed which promises significant savings with easier administration and no lengthy contract. This is obviously a commercial plug from Michael and we are not in a position to endorse the service, but if it works as well as he says it does then it seems a good idea and worth checking out…

As a father of 3 children, I was continuously looking at education, past, current and future. Like all parents I want the best for my kids.  Schools are under constant scrutiny to improve and maintain stats. This includes not only the education being given but by running the school as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.  Like all businesses, they too can be under threat of closure due to lack of performance.  This was why I created The National Schools Budget Telecom Plan.  A one stop shop for all schools telecommunications needs.

I have been in the telecom industry for over 20 years, and started my own business with £100 working from my mum’s flat.  As time passed I noticed a pattern whereby schools were getting an unfair deal when it came to their phone lines and call charges. Other providers presumed that as their bills were paid by the local council they could charge whatever rates they wanted, and for many years schools had no options available to change.  Now, with my Plan, schools can receive BT wholesale rates for their line rental and call charges saving up to 70% on their current annual spend. Realising the need for complete flexibility and control, I chose not to ask my customers to enter a long term contract, just 31 days rolling, with no penalty charges should they decide to leave.

This is a simple plan, the phone lines still run over the BT network, but the schools telephone bill is sent by TNBN with the low wholesale rates. We choose to send bills by email monthly as this allows much more accurate budgeting and forecasting. I have made the invoices as simple as possible, so that customers can actually understand what they are paying for. Our UK based customer services are a quick phone call away to help with any enquiry. Once the Schools Budget Telecom Plan was underway and started to grow, the expansion continued by saving schools up to 50% on their telephone system maintenance contracts, broadband services, mobile phones and advising on how to improve their current telecoms. We are able to advise how to get the best out of their current system, offering competitive prices on new phone systems, auto attendants, low cost installation and programming. Our wholesale rates also include the installation of new lines.

Over the years, we have come to understand how schools work. We do not send those nasty threatening letters for late payment due to the school holidays. We will not charge to send you extra copies of bills. We appreciate how busy schools are and try to resolve any issues or enquiries as quickly as possible. Each customer will be given the name of their account manager and a mobile number to contact them, offering a much more personalised service.

TNBN have also ingratiated themselves with many councils.  This enables schools to pay by Bacs payments via their local council. I wrote to my own local councillor and he in turn passed details of our product onto a MP for education. Although, they were unable to personally endorse my services, they commented on how beneficial the Budget Telecom Plan would be for all schools and encouraged me to continue offering this.

We offer a free, no obligation comparison against your current telephone bills.  Just forward your current telephone bills to TNBN on Fax 0800 019 5564, or you can register directly via our website  All details of our products and services can be found here as well as our terms and conditions of business. Alternatively, please call me on 0800 019 5563, or email for more information.

I look forward to speaking with you and introducing you to TNBN’s easy life for schools.

If you take up Michael’s offer do let us know how it works out. Also, if you have suggestions for easy ways schools can save money on administration costs do get in touch via this form or share your ideas in the comments.

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