GSHA head suggests new selective secondary schools are coming – but they won’t be called grammar schools

The Independent is reporting claims from a grammar school head that a number of selective secondary schools catering for the country’s most able pupils will be set up within the next few years…

The new breed of schools will not have the grammar school label – but will offer more traditional subjects such as Latin and Greek and cater for the gifted pupil, said Charlotte Marten, the headteacher of Rugby High School for Girls in Warwickshire and a prominent figure in the  Grammar School Heads Association.

They will be modelled along the lines of the London Academy of Excellence in Stratford, east London, which was the first sixth form college to be set up under the Government’s free schools scheme in September 2012. Supported by eight independent schools, including Eton and Highgate, it concentrates on admitting bright pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds…

“My feeling would be that with the diversity we are currently seeing in the state system and the growth of free schools and academies you will see a movement in that direction,” said Ms Marten.

She added that the new schools may be more selective than the grammar schools with their intakes…

Ms Marten said that the number of pupils attending grammar schools was likely to grow during the lifetime of this parliament as a result of the Government’s decision to allow popular schools to expand…

More at: Selective secondary schools catering for the most talented pupils to be set up, says grammar school head


It’s not clear from the article if this is just thinking aloud from Charlotte Marten or if she is speaking with some inside knowledge.

Do you suspect she is right in suggesting a new breed of selective secondary schools is imminent?

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Not saying she’s wrong but ultimately it’s just an opinion from someone who strongly supports grammar schools

  2. Is she talking about 16+ or 11+?  It’s unclear.  She says the schools would be modeled on the London Academy of Excellence.  This much-praised 6th form free school was accused of dumping pupils after AS levels on the grounds they weren’t ‘Russell Group ready’.  That’s despite the pupils being selected on academic ability at 16+.  Not a particularly good example to hold up as a model a school which doesn’t appear to think it has an obligation to complete the education of those who were allowed through its doors in the first place.

  3. @elftok SchoolsImprove The OECD found the best-performing school systems (as measured by PISA results) tended to be those that didn’t select until 16+.  Correlation isn’t causation, of course, but the OECD and other research has found the earlier selection takes place, the greater the effect of socio-economic background.

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