Grenade incident at Scotland School

Bomb disposal officers were called to a school in South Lanarkshire earlier after a pupil brought in an old grenade as part of a history project. This is from the BBC…

Police Scotland said Explosive Ordnance Disposal staff attended Hamilton Grammar School shortly after 09:00.

They quickly determined that the grenade was safe and non-viable.

South Lanarkshire Council said that the school had not been evacuated during the incident although the class did not go ahead as planned.

A council spokeswoman said: “As part of a history project a pupil brought to school an old military presentation piece, originally a grenade, belonging to their grandfather.

“Police were called who went to the school with bomb disposal experts.

“They quickly reassured everyone there was no danger posed by the presentation piece and no need to evacuate the school.”

More at:  Grenade incident at Hamilton Grammar School

So what’s the weirdest, maddest, baddest or funniest thing a pupil has ever brought into your class? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below.

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  1. Rhythmajig

    SchoolsImprove Interesting junk percussion such as empty milk container with broken glass inside. pupil – ‘makes a good Maraca!!’

  2. AbiFB

    SchoolsImprove A boy once arrived with a large snake in a sports bag, as it was ‘poorly’ and he didn’t want to leave it at home, alone.

  3. Gawdy

    I had armed police arrive to assist me with a young man who appeared to have a live ammunition round and was bragging about dad having a gun. It was a terrifying experience, especially for the dad who also received a slightly less friendly visit at the same time! Turned out to be an old WW2 artefact. Was a brilliant lesson in what happens when you tell . lies!

  4. misterhutt

    SchoolsImprove Colleague had a boy turn up with a lump of coal and told all it was a cauliflower. His dad had done it as a joke. #notfunny

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