Grammars ‘unnecessary distraction’, say MPs

The BBC is reporting that MPs have claimed that so far, the government has failed to make a case for opening a new wave of grammar schools.

The education select committee has cast doubt on claims that they can help social mobility. There is also scepticism about whether an entrance test for grammars can be made “tutor proof”.

Neil Carmichael, the committee’s chair, says the focus on expanding grammars has become an “unnecessary distraction” from improving the school system.

The committee, responding to the evidence gathered about plans to increase selective education, said ministers still needed to demonstrate how this would improve social mobility and close the gap between rich and poor pupils.

MPs said there had been no convincing evidence that a test could be devised which would not favour those who could afford private coaching. As such they argued that such tests should not be the only criteria for entry.

The MPs also raised concerns about how an expansion of grammars would affect other non-selective schools, in terms of funding and the supply of teachers. The committee called on the government to carry out an assessment of the potential impact on the wider school system.

More at: Grammars ‘unnecessary distraction’, say MPs

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  1. There is no way to tutor proof the 11+. The only way to filter is through CAT tests or similar, as long as students can prepare for question styles and constantly review potential combinations there will always be those in the system that do not intellectually belong, sad thing is these are the students who end up feeling like failures, when they really are not. The 11+ is a barrier those who have cash can overcome with ‘vaulting ambition’ and the outcome is frequently tragic.

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