Grammar schools are ‘state-sponsored segregation’ that stifle chances for poorer children, Lib Dems say

The Independent is reporting that grammar schools in selective areas are a form of “state-sponsored segregation” that stifle social mobility for poorer children, the Liberal Democrat education spokesman has said.

Layla Moran, speaking at the party’s annual conference, attacked the government’s flagship education policy to expand existing grammar schools to create more places as a “waste of money”. 

Ms Moran, who has been tipped as a new party leader, said in her speech to Lib Dem activists that only 3 per cent of children on free school meals go to grammar schools, adding that children from better-off families are more likely to pass the 11-plus entrance exam as their parents pay for tuition.

She said: “What I want to do – what I would like to see us do as a party – is take on the harmful, antiquated tradition of the 11-plus exams and indeed all barriers to entry in the state system.”

“I think we should remove charitable status unless an independent school can concretely show it’s benefiting the entire community, like a charity might.

“We should end this type of state-sponsored segregation too.”

In May, the government announced plans to give £50m to existing selective schools – with the requirement that they set out plans to boost the number of places for disadvantaged students.

From this term, some of the 163 grammar schools in England will benefit from the cash boost enabling them to create thousands more selective school places.

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  1. Anonymous

    If you really cared about clever poor children you wouldn’t subject them to having to go to poor state comprehensive schools. You always fail to mention that poor kids in non-selective areas are forced into the worst schools. They have no choices and can’t afford long distance travel to better schools. Those better schools in non-selective areas are occupied by the same middle class kids who occupy the grammar schools in selective areas. Basically you want to make sure that poor clever kids go to poor schools perhaps where people like you really think they belong? Get real, the poor comps are easily as bad as secondary moderns the only difference is that poor kids don’t get a chance at a more appropriate education. Let’s get rid of all specialist schools because they segregate, just they don’t segregate on academic ability but it’s ok to segregate in religious grounds, how wealthy your parents are, whether you are good at music or drama. In fact let’s make everyone exactly the same in a weird attempt to make everyone equal, even though they are not and never can be. Woolly tosh!

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