Government’s secret £300,000 overseas teacher recruitment drive revealed

The Telegraph is reporting on an overseas teacher recruitment drive ordered by the government which is worth £300,000.

The Government is sponsoring a £300,000 drive to recruit teachers from the Czech Republic, Germany Poland and America in an attempt to plug a physics and maths shortage by September, it has emerged.

A bid specification document, seen by The Daily Telegraph, invites recruitment companies to apply for the contract which will begin next month.

It is thought to be the first Government funded international recruitment strategy since the mid-1970s, when teachers were also in short supply.

The initial focus will be on signing up maths and physics teachers, but “there may be flexibility to increase the scope to cover other subjects that are challenging to recruit to”, the bid specification document says.

John Howson, chair of the teacher recruitment site TeachVac and a visiting professor of education at Oxford Brookes University said: “I am frankly very surprised that in the middle of the debate on Article 50, that the Government is busy going off to these European countries to try and attract teachers.

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  1. wasateacher

    The problem with this is that it will not create stability in schools.  How long will overseas teachers stay?  

    I am fortunate enough to be retired but, if I weren’t, I would seriously be considering using my Maths training elsewhere.  Teachers are, more and more, being dictated to, education is being privatised and run by people who often have no training and only set foot in a classroom in order to criticise.

    If the Government wants more Maths and Science teachers, they need to change the culture and allow teachers the freedom to teach (not train).  The Government needs to stop looking overseas, both for structures and methods, and start looking at what works in classrooms – value teachers and pay them properly.

  2. StephWyatt

    If gov treated teachers wigh respect and reduced ridiculous demands for accountabiliy they would not have to spend 300,000 on recruiting abroad. Only this term as a supply teacher I have overed i two different schools , one where the NQT walked out oc tge door before xmas due to u unreasonable demands and lack of support and another wbere the NQT was off with stress for the same reasons.

  3. StephWyatt

    Yes the privatisation and constant criticism destroys NQT confidence and an expensive resour e is wasted…a double tradgedy for the school and the teacher. One class I was in had had 10 supply teachers since xmas. What a mess we are in!

  4. Chris1434

    Recruiting from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.  OK….. but how does this sit with the insane Brexiteers?  Won’t they say that people from the EU are not welcome?

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