Government’s ‘ambitious’ apprenticeships target to be questioned

The Telegraph is reporting that an inquiry has been launched into the “ambitious” apprenticeships target, following concerns about how the Government intends to achieve its aims.

The creation of three million apprenticeships by 2020 was one of the Conservative Party’s key pledges during the election campaign last year, however, critics have said that standards could be affected in the drive to achieve these high numbers.

Now, a sub-committee has launched an inquiry into the apprenticeship system, which will look at how the Government proposes to achieve this target and how it may affect industries with a skills shortage.

The group will also look at how standards in the apprenticeship system can be maintained and enforced and will also consider the proposals for the new apprenticeships levy first reported in the summer Budget…

Neil Carmichael MP, chair of the Education Select Committee, said: “Our education policy needs to change truly to recognise the value of technical and professional education to young people, to society and to the nation’s economy.

“Young people need to be equipped with the skills to succeed and apprenticeships have a vital role in achieving this objective. In this inquiry we will examine a variety of issues relating to apprenticeships…”

Iain Wright MP, chair of the Business Innovation and Skills Select Committee, said …

“The Government has an ambitious target of hitting 3 million apprenticeship starts and as a Committee we want to examine how they are going to hit that target,” he said. “For example, what impact will the key policies in that area, such as the apprenticeship levy, have on increasing the numbers of people getting onto (and finishing) apprenticeship training?

“There’s been a lot of uncertainty about how the apprenticeship system is going to work and we will want to press the Government on how they are going to ensure businesses, colleges, and students have confidence in the system in the future.”…

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