Government: Majority of free schools are doing well

ITV News is reporting that the Department for Education has defended its free schools initiative following the arrest of a man in connection with alleged fraud at Kings Science Academy in Bradford…

A spokesman said the “vast majority” of free schools are performing well and “all free schools are held to rigorous account”, adding that the department acted as soon as it received allegations of wrongdoing at the academy.

“The department acted as soon as it received allegations of wrongdoing at Kings Science Academy.

We formally investigated and referred the case to Action Fraud. This resulted in a police investigation which is ongoing. Separately we are recovering appropriate funds.

All free schools are held to rigorous account. The vast majority are performing well with three-quarters rated good or outstanding. But where there is failure we will not hesitate to intervene.”

More at:  Government: Majority of free schools are doing well

One bad incident or even school doesn’t necessarily say anything about the validity of a certain type of school, but is there anything about the free school system that makes incidents like those involved in these allegations more likely or could they happen in any school? Please let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter… 

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove They would say that, & that misleading “three quarters good/outstanding” stat keeps being wheeled out – of those inspected

  2. edujdw

    SchoolsImprove apart from the inadequate, closing, requiring improvement or where the head’s been arrested for fraud. All going swimmingly.

  3. Janet2

    A GCSE statistics students could point out the flaw in these stats.  The 3/4 being good or better is based on a sample of only 24 which is too small to come to any sort of conclusion.  One less “good” would bring the proportion down.  And the “inadequate” rating for Al-Madinah (“dysfunctional”, “in chaos”, close to “collapse”) tips the proportion.

    But if the DfE thinks 25 (24+ Al Madinah) is a large enough sample, then it’s equally valid to say the 2 inadequate free schools mean 8% of free schools are inadequate.  This is a far higher proportion than LA schools.

    However, with such a small sample it would be misleading to say that.  DfE take note.

  4. JobbingTeacher1

    SchoolsImprove Flashback to early 1980s. Nigel Lawson on Question Time – “The government is not intending to close lots of mines”. Trust?

  5. BorisWatch

    miconm ‘In 1977, no one died. In 1978, no one died. In 1979, no-one died. In 1980… someone died’ SchoolsImprove

  6. sweetystar12345

    education at kings science is outstanding, which is main concern for  all parents. i hope school will not close.

  7. Janet2

    sweetystar12345The main concern for taxpayers is that people in charge of spending taxpayers’ money don’t act fraudulently.

    Ofsted doesn’t agree with your assessment of education at Kings Science Academy.  It judged it “Requires Improvement”.  That said, Ofsted’s judgements can’t be relied upon 100% (eg the swift change of mind at Downhills School in London after Gove earmarked it for academy conversion).

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