Gordon Brown to urge UN to ensure education for refugee children

The Scotsman is reporting that Gordon Brown is to call for the UN to ensure that education is guaranteed for refugee children.

In a speech to a Brussels summit on education emergencies, the former prime minister will warn that 2016 has been the worst year since the Second World War for children’s safety around the world.

He will highlight alleged war crimes in Syria and Libya, Boko Haram militants in Nigeria terrorising millions of girls to stop them going to school, and rising levels of child marriage, child trafficking and child labour.

The United Nations and World Bank should now secure the funds needed to ensure the safety and education of 30 million displaced children and 10 million child refugees worldwide, Mr Brown will say.

They should also commit to ensuring schools are protected as safe havens, children are not used as “weapons of war” or soldiers, every refugee child’s right to education is upheld, and to fully investigate war crimes against children.

“It is surely time to urgently find a funding formula that will allow guaranteed support for refugees – and a chance for them not simply to have food and shelter but schooling too.”

More at: Gordon Brown to urge UN to ensure education for refugee children

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