Global crash to be included in new economics A-level

The BBC is reporting that students will learn about the global financial crisis in a new economics A-level to be taught from September…

The course, from Pearson’s Edexcel exam board, will cover factors leading up to the banking crash of 2007-08.

It will also ask pupils to compare the crash and the way governments handled it, with the Great Depression of 1930s…

Pearson says its new syllabus will ask students to consider the factors that contributed to the crisis “including moral hazard, speculation and market bubbles”.

They will also look at the role of banking regulation and the methods governments adopted to deal with the crisis.

These include “quantitative easing” – when central banks print or create money electronically and use it to buy bonds from banks or pension funds to increase the amount of cash in the financial system, boosting lending to businesses and individuals…

Students will also for the first time study the use of “national wellbeing” and “national happiness” as economic measures.

They will also look at the limitations of these and more traditional economic measures in comparing living standards between countries and over time…

Exam boards OCR and AQA have also redeveloped their economics A-levels in response to new government specifications for the subject


Sensible changes from Edexcel to keep the course relevant and interesting or focusing a bit too much on the fashionable here and now?

Please share your reactions in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. nonsequiturcouk

    The crash will be simplified to what the government wants them to learn. The facts of the case were horribly complicated and cannot be done justice to. On could take an A level in this one topic alone.

    Economics should be dumped as a subject as it’s horribly mis-taught, and it should be rolled into business studies, because without the latter, you can have no hope of understanding the former.

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