Give Muslim free school more time, plead parents

According to the Derby Telegraph, a new parents’ group set up to support Derby’s failing Muslim free school is to petition the Government for time to turn the school around…

The Parents and Friends of Al Madinah School has been formed following a meeting of mums and dads last weekend in the wake of a damning report by Ofsted – the Office for Standards in Education.

It called the school, which has sites in Nelson Street and Friar Gate, “dysfunctional”, “in chaos” and “inadequate”, placing it in special measures.

Schools Minister Lord Nash had already given the school until November 1 to come up with an action plan to make improvements or face having its funding cut and closure.

Parent Abdul Ghafar said: “We feel very much let down by the Government.

“It seems our children are not being treated like children from other state schools in the area, which are also in special measures.

“We request that the Prime Minister shows he really does care about our children and gives this school more time and support to get things right.”

Parents will be attending meetings over the next few days to launch a campaign based on giving the school time and support to deliver the changes required.

Mr Ghafar said: “We expect more than 200 parents to attend and we aim to have a petition with thousands of signatures of support.

“We are not prepared to let this school close.”…

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Would you support these parents here and suggest the school is given more time or should Lord Nash hold firm to the timetable laid down for an action plan? Please give us your view in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. TheMorganics

    SchoolsImprove Hmm. No such allowances for ‘failing’ state schools; forcibly turned to academies! What a folly of a system! #GoveMustGo

  2. StephenG41HR

    SchoolsImprove: o these parents must make sure those running the School sort things out. It’s called accountability#1

  3. StephenG41HR

    SchoolsImprove : A maintained community School would be subject to the same rigorous review -or perhaps forced conversion # 2

  4. StephenG41HR

    SchoolsImprove: The ‘different treatment ‘ argument is wrong. This School is failing and of concern. Everything else is secondary#3

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