Give London schools a Pisa ranking, says Mayor

The TES is reporting that London mayor Boris Johnson has said he wants to enter the capital into influential global education rankings to see how it compares to international competitors…

A separate Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) entry for the city would be a first in England. Until now the nation’s performance has been measured as a whole.

Writing in an annual report on London education being published tomorrow, Mr Johnson states that: “London is leading the UK at every stage of young people’s education”.

Now his office wants to see how the capital’s improved education would match up against the world’s highest-ranking school systems.

Deputy mayor for education and culture Munira Mirza said: “We are investigating whether it would be possible to get a Pisa grading specifically for London, which would make it much simpler to present how well London is performing against our international competitors”.

Between 2003 and 2011 London moved from being the lowest-performing of England’s nine regions for GCSE results to the highest-performing, and it has stayed there.

Ms Mirza suggested this would translate into a correspondingly high Pisa performance. “We see ourselves as competing with the success to be found in other high-performing countries around the world, and it is likely that if the rest of the country performed as well as London educationally, the national Pisa ranking for maths and English would rise from a current position of 27th to around 17th,” she said.

Mr Johnson will be pushing at open door as far as the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which runs Pisa, is concerned…

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What do you think the impact would be of London entering Pisa on its own – both for the city and the rest of the country? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. Janet2

    Of course OECD are keen for more separate jurisdictions to take PISA tests – it receives more money.

    That said, OECD has come under pressure to stop publishing misleading league tables but to bunch countries/jurisdictions in clusters of similar performance.  At the same time, OECD need to address the question of whether some countries/jurisdictions are gaming the results by entering a cohort of pupils which don’t represent the entire cohort.  For example, OECD has admitted that more than 25% of pupils were missing from Shanghai’s 2012 tests.  Shanghai’s results, therefore, should be removed from the tables.

    But Shanghai pays to take part in the tests – and if OECD wants to keep the money flowing then it might be inclined to accept the results.

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