Girls’ schools ‘encourage ambition’

Rhiannon Wilkinson, head of Wycombe Abbey School, believes that girls’ schools – and perhaps especially girls’ boarding schools – allow their pupils to take risks and to pursue their ambitions by providing a stimulating environment. This is from the Daily Express

Her comments came as Wycombe Abbey, a private girls’ boarding school in Buckinghamshire, topped an A-level league table for the sixth year running.

Sixth-formers at the school notched up a string of A* and A grades between them, with each student gaining an average combined A and AS-level UCAS point score of 508. This is almost four A* grades each.

Mrs Wilkinson, who has just taken over as headmistress, praised the girls and said their results were “fantastic”. She said she believed that the boarding environment that the school provides helped support their success.

She said: “You are supported by academic staff who will support you with your learning and are always there for you. Pupils also get support from each other and learn how to balance their work and personal life, and are able to get involved with other activities such as sport, music and drama, as well as having time with their friends.”

Mrs Wilkinson also said that the latest tables show that girls’ schools continue to dominate, with six in the top 10, along with one boys’ school and three mixed schools. She added: “There’s a stimulating environment in girls’ schools. Ambition isn’t such a dirty concept.”

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  1. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove I experienced a girls’ school and a mixed school as a pupil and swore I would never send my children to a single sex school

  2. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove ridiculous stereotyping, nobody was expected to be eg. a Dr. if we learned to behave like young ladies we might MARRY one!

  3. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove being isolated from 50% of the population not good, moved to mixed grammar sch and found the boys were the oil on the water

  4. geordiecat2012

    FionaTipper SchoolsImprove I had same experience, hated my single sex school, for similar reasons to yours

  5. saunderella

    FionaTipper SchoolsImprove I went to a girls school and yes we were encouraged to aspire but i don’t feel like I missed out on anything

  6. KathPoulter

    saunderella SchoolsImprove FionaTipper I went to a girls’ school and hated every minute.Was neither academic nor sporty so didn’t fit in.

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