Girls ‘expect to earn £7,000 less than boys’, study finds

The Telegraph is reporting a new survey that suggests teenage girls expect to earn £7,000 less than boys in their careers as inequality is ingrained in them from an early age.

Girls expect to earn an annual salary of £36,876 within a decade of leaving education, while boys expect to earn £44,124, or 16 per cent more. 

Both genders overestimated their earnings but girls were more accurate about the pay disparity with official figures showing the pay gap in the UK is 19.2 per cent.

Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, said: “This research paints a worrying picture. We have to open up girls’ career choices to ensure more of them can go on to fulfil their potential in science, technology and engineering. At the moment we are closing those options down.

“It is not surprising to see girls aiming lower than boys when it comes to salary. This is a product of years of conditioning. Even as adults at work women asking for a pay rise are labelled as ‘pushy’ whereas for men that’s expected. 

“But we also need to properly value those careers which are dominated by women such as childcare and social care. They are vital professions which most of us will rely on at some point in our lives, yet they are extremely poorly paid.”

The report also revealed the vast majority of young people still believe university is the only route to a good career, with over two thirds of 14-19 year olds planning to go to university despite a third of them not knowing what they would study and only 30 per cent of available jobs forecast to be graduate roles…

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It would be very interesting to know if this study has been repeated over time and, if so, if there is an improvement as a trend.

One things we also heard recently is that girls seem to value a ‘worthwhile’ job more than boys do, which might have something to do with these findings too.

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