Girls do better than boys at school because they’re morning people

The Independent is reporting that researchers in California may have identified one reason why girls tend to do better than boys at school: because they’re born to be early birds.

The educational gender gap is a source of concern across the developed world. In the US, 57 per cent of undergraduate bachelor’s degrees go to women. In the UK, girls do significantly better at GCSE and are vastly more likely to go on to university than boys. This year, some 94,000 more girls than boys applied to British universities via Ucas.

According to a recent paper by two economists from the University of California at Davis, girls’ disproportionate educational achievements may have something to do with the timing of the school day. Multiple sleep studies have found that boys are built to wake up later than girls, who also cope better with sleep deprivation.

In what is probably the first analysis of the relationship between gender sleep cycle differences and the educational performance gap, UC Davis researchers Lester Lusher and Vasil Yesenov write: “Given the widespread sentiment that overall students are not receiving enough sleep, these studies suggest that early school start times could be especially detrimental to boys.”

While girls remained by far the better students, boys closed the grades gap by up to 16 per cent in the afternoon. The authors’ explanation? “Sleep studies suggest that boys have longer circadian periods, or ‘body clocks’, predisposing them to later bedtimes and morning wake-up times. Consequently, girls show a stronger inclination for activity earlier in the day than boys.”

In other words, girls are more likely to be morning people. Whether that means school ought to start in the afternoon is another matter.

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  1. thiskidsthinkin

    Really? I don’t think gender comes into it when it comes to early birds and night owls. I know the females in my family are all night owls, and that we’re all like bears in the morning! 
    I’d happily see school run from 9:30 to 3:30, to accommodate after schools clubs and avoid the rush hours. 
    Children on buses get it worst no matter what time school is at. Around here, most are on the bus at 8 in the morning, and not back to between 4:30pm – 5pm (later for secondary school children on the late bus) The guts of a full adult working day for children as young as 5, then homework on top of that!

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