Girls as young as 12 airbrush photos to look good online

Schoolgirls are under pressure to put “sexy” photos on Facebook and digitally alter pictures to make themselves look more attractive, an academic has warned. This is from the Evening Standard…

Girls as young as 12 are regularly altering their pictures to remove spots and make themselves look slimmer, according to Carrie Paechter, professor of education at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Speaking at the Girls’ Schools Association conference in Liverpool, Professor Paechter said it has become the norm for children to upload photographs of themselves posing provocatively on social media sites, and warned headteachers to be aware of what happens online.

Professor Paechter said: “While we should be pleased that many girls are proud of their bodies, we should have some concerns about what aspects of their bodies they are taking pride in.”

She said she is concerned about the number of children who slim down their bodies in pictures and its impact on their real-life health.

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