Girl of four sparked missing persons panic after being left sleeping on coach following school trip

The Mirror is reporting that police launched a missing persons hunt after a four-year-old girl ‘vanished’ on a school trip – before she was found asleep on the coach. 

Jenny Taylor has expressed her horror after daughter Mila was left behind after taking a doze on the way back from a day trip to a farm.

Terrified Jenny says she has lost “all trust” in the school after claiming teachers failed to do a head count or check if any pupils remained on board when the bus returned.

And she said her daughter would never go back to the school after the incident. 

Mila travelled without any teacher supervision from Plymouth, Devon to Ivybridge, before another adult boarded the coach and eventually found her…

Police say they were called to the school around 3.30pm on Monday after the girl did not return to her class following a school trip to Pennywell Farm.

Officers were told the girl was among her class when the contracted coach took them to the animal centre in Buckfastleigh.

However, teachers noticed the child was missing when they returned to the school at 2.50pm and police were called following a search.

Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman said: “We received reports that one of the schoolchildren appeared to be missing following a school trip. 

“After a brief search, we managed to locate the pupil, who had fallen asleep and was not with the rest of the children who had been dropped off at school.

“The child and her mum have been reunited and are both safe and well.

“Police are currently working with the headteacher at the school to ensure this incident does not happen again and ensure appropriate safeguarding measures are put in place…”

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The mother – quoted extensively in the full article – is clearly and understandably extremely upset by the incident – let’s just hope her daughter is able to get over the experience quickly.

Any words of wisdom about what appears to have happened here?


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  1. LesleyEly

    SchoolsImprove All of my sympathy is with the little girl and her parents. This level of carelessness is hard to believe.

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