Girl excluded from school because trousers too tight

The Metro is reporting that a number of schoolgirls have been excluded from classes after teachers deemed that their trousers were too tight.

Barnsley Academy told Ellie Young’s mother, Jane Ogden, that the rules had changed and trousers must be at least 10cm wide.

Mrs Ogden said that they’d received no information about the change and they were sent home on the first day back after Christmas

Mrs Ogden said: ‘The teachers are measuring trousers with rulers. They are lining the children up when they go in to school in the morning and do it in groups of tens.’

They were among 19 girls who were also excluded on the same day. Her sister, Mollie, had trousers that were deemed wide enough

Mrs Ogden, said: ‘The school said that it was an ongoing problem and that they needed to show the children how to be respectful…

Mrs Ogden added:’…What’s more important, school trousers or an education?’

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I’m a bit confused about where the trousers need to be 10cm wide but it seems to be at the ankle.

These appearance/uniform stories keep coming and coming but do you admire the school in this case for looking at an objective measurement, or do you find the whole think a bit silly?

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  1. thiskidsthinkin

    Maybe schools should start supplying the kind of trousers/skirt they think suitable, at an affordable cost of course!

  2. MrBlachford

    SchoolsImprove probably the last straw in a catalogue of defiance, don’t you think? I’ve never known an exclusion that didn’t take months..

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