Girl aged six with eyepatch left in tears after being branded ‘pirate girl’ by deputy headteacher

The Mirror is reporting that a six-year-old schoolgirl was left in floods of tears after her compulsory eye patch saw her labelled “pirate girl” – by her deputy headteacher…

Alicia Blanco-Clements wears the patch to combat ‘lazy eye’ and had already feared teasing at Springfield Primary School in Chelmsford, Essex.

Mum Aimee, 30, heard about the insensitive comment – but assumed it had come from Alicia’s classmates.

She said she was “horrified” to discover it had actually come from Alicia’s deputy headteacher, Jona Davies, in front of a packed assembly hall.

Mr Davies was said to have directed the comment at Alicia as he tried to get her attention for queuing in the wrong line as she exited assembly last week.

Alicia’s older sister Olivia, 11, said: “My sister was queuing in the wrong place and that’s when Mr Davies called her ‘pirate girl’.

“He forgot her name and so he was trying to get her attention.”

Midwife Aimee said: “Alicia is normally smiling from ear to ear when I pick her up from school but on Wednesday she was really solemn and I could tell she was upset…”

…Sharon Tyler, headteacher at Springfield Primary School, has since apologised for the comment and the deputy headteacher has been spoken to about it…

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Not good that the girl was upset but is it unreasonable to think the comment might just as easily have led to a smile? What do you think?


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