General election: the Tory manifesto and education

Deal, no deal, or further delay, Boris Johnson is very clearly gearing up for an election. Which means one thing for schools: there’s a manifesto in the offing. Tes reports.

As such, it’s a safe bet therefore that education will play a central role in any new Conservative manifesto. As I have written before, the wider Gove-ian diaspora is central to the policy team around Johnson, including the now-famous Dominic Cummings.
So what might that manifesto look like? Having spoken to people in and around that network of Gove-ites, I believe that while it may have a whiff of Gove about it, it could be different in a few of significant ways.

There will be a commitment to both free schools and academic “rigour” – that much is inevitable. As I have also previously written, there will probably also be a renewed commitment to Ofsted in a bid to contrast with Labour’s promise to abolish the inspectorate – and thus attract the parental vote. So much, so obvious.
But then it gets interesting.

Read just how things might get interesting in the full article General election: the Tory manifesto and education 

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