Gender not children ‘holds women academics back’

The study, of 2,270 academics at 24 top UK universities, found the men reached more senior levels than the women, even after parenthood was accounted for. The BBC reports

A universities spokesman acknowledged they were affected by “the gender gap”.

The Cardiff researchers selected 2,270 academics in a number of random subject areas in the 24 Russell Group research-led universities, often seen as the most prestigious institutions in the UK.

They sorted these into five different grades based on the academics’ job titles and then controlled for different personal factors such as:

  • gender
  • age
  • responsibility for household chores
  • number of dependent children

The study, Gender and Academic Rank in the UK, found a negative link between being a woman and the likelihood of being employed at senior level.

The study, published in online journal Sustainability, said: “Put simply, two people who have similar or even identical credentials and personal circumstances except for one being a man and the other being a women are likely to have different academic ranks, with the man having a higher rank than the woman.

Jess Cole, director of policy at the Russell Group, said: “This important work from Cardiff University reminds us that academia continues to suffer the gender gap we see in many professions and organisations.”

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