GCSE results: ‘Is this the best we can do for pupils?’

We nurture pupils for years and their fate is decided in the time it takes to rip open an envelope, says Hilary Goldsmith, a school business and finance consultant in Tes.

I know it’s not really just the one event: it’s the culmination of 11 years of formal education. But the moment itself is utterly life-changing, whatever the outcome. As adults, we still remember that day when our turn came. We each have a very personal memory of how that day shaped our lives, and the judgements that came along with it, which we still carry with us today. 

It seems bizarre – and even cruel – to me that our education system nurtures and supports, encourages and coaxes young people for all those years and then, in the time it takes to rip open a Manila envelope, takes them, pats them on the back or mops their tears, and kicks them out into the big wide world to do the best they can without us. It seems unbearably harsh, in fact, especially for the ones who needed and valued that support the most.

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